Double murder suspect accused of stabbing his girlfriend and daughter acts as his own lawyer and does a horrible job (video)

Ronnie O’Neal, a Florida man, decided to represent himself while on trial for double murder. Ronnie O’Neal III is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, and his disabled 9-year-old daughter, Ron’Niveya, in March 2018. Ron’Niveya suffered cerebral palsy and couldn’t speak. Police say he killed her with a hatchet.   Kenyatta Barron, who had been shot multiple times, hid in a closet, called 911 then fled the home to go to a friend’s, but O’Neal followed her and beat her to death.   He then went back into the family home and used a hatchet to kill their little girl, who had severe special needs, according to police.  At the time, his eight-year-old son told police how he stormed around their Florida home in a rampage, screaming Alluhu Akbar. The boy was also slashed multiple times. He was stabbed so badly his intestines were exposed. He was on hospital admission for a while but survived.   O’ Neal was allowed to act as his own lawyer on Wednesday, June 15. Unfortunately, he didn’t appear to do a good job as he launched his defense screaming at the jury and interrogating his own son who he had also stabbed.   50 Cent and other viewers pointed out the look on the judge’s face and stated that O’Neal has likely messed up his chances of getting a lighter sentence.  While defending himself on Wednesday, he screamed at the jury, saying: “I look alone. But I am backed by a might God.” O’Neal contended that investigators fabricated evidence to implicate him and that his son was coached on what to say. He then cross-examined his son via video link, demanding that he tell the courtroom how he’d stabbed him.   “The evidence is going to show that I love my children,”O’Neal told jurors.   “The evidence will not show you that my son witnessed me beat his mom to death, nor did he witness me shoot his mom. In fact, he didn’t witness much at all.” In another outburst, he screamed: “The evidence is going to show that law enforcement tampered with evidence to meet their high burden of proof.  “Because originally it wasn’t enough. So we had to tamper with evidence.  “Since it was such evidence already but we still had to tamper with evidence.” He said he was the victim of “some of the most vicious, lying, fabricating, fictitious government you ever seen.” “The state cannot prove that I premeditatedly murdered anyone. When time is all said and done, you will see who is the mass murderers in Tampa Bay,” he added. His defense is that his girlfriend attacked the kids and he stabbed her in self-defense.  During the cross-examination, he asked his son: “Did I hurt you that night?” The boy responded, “Yes.” “How did I hurt you?” Oneal asked.  “You stabbed me,” his son replied. He also described how his father set fire to the house using gasoline. Investigators say the wounded boy came out of the burning house and described what had happened. “The first words that came out of this brave boy’s mouth: ‘My daddy killed my mommy’,” Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon said.  After the attacks, police say O’Neal set the family home on fire.   O’Neal had been represented by public defenders until two weeks ago, when he suddenly announced at a pre-trial hearing that he wanted to represent himself. The judge told him he faced the death penalty and that it was a high-stakes case but he said he was “ready” to die like “Biggie.” “I understand. I love it. Ready to die like B.I.G. You know who that is?” he said.  Hillsborough Circuit Judge Michelle Sisco replied: “Biggie Smalls? Yes, I know who Biggie Smalls is. He was actually murdered, but -” O’Neal replied: “Just like I’m going to be, right? I was murdered a couple times already before. So I’m cool with being murdered again and coming back like B.I.G.” Watch O’Neal defend himself in the video below.      View this post on Instagram           A post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial)The post Double murder suspect accused of stabbing his girlfriend and daughter acts as his own lawyer and does a horrible job (video) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.


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