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Santa Fe High School students describe the moment a shooter opened fire in their school



At the moment, Santa Fe High School in Texas is on lockdown and police have surrounded the building following reports of an active shooter (read here).  Students have described the moment they all heard gunshots while assembled outside for a fire drill early this morning.  “So, it was just a normal-like class day. We all were doing our work in first period. And then all of a sudden like it’s a fire drill,” 14-year-old junior Angelica Martinez said.”So we followed the fire drill procedures. And then we went outside. Like we were all standing there, but not even five minutes later, we all start hearing gunshots.”That’s when everybody starts running, she said, despite teachers telling them to “stay put.””But we’re all just running away.”  Myles Kanipes, son of Sante Fe High School athletic director and football team head coach Mark Kanipes, confirms to CNN that his dad is on lockdown on campus, outside of the building, but is safe.Kanipes told CNN that his dad is currently escorting kids across the street to the Shell station to get them safe.  “He is fine but he said it’s crazy (right now) but would call me once he finds out more. All I know is someone pulled the fire alarm and once everyone got out the classes someone started shooting. His secretary is the one who first heard the shooting, the shooter was in the art class.”Kanipes told CNN that other football coaches at the school were already inside the building when the shooting began, and he is waiting to hear from them. 

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